Investment Account Manager Product Support

The developers of Investment Account Manager are pleased to offer detailed and comprehensive help to our users. Since 1985, we've received many accolades for the support we provide. Our goal is to help you learn and utilize IAM to better manage your investment portfolios.

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Investment Account Manager Flowcharts

This PDF file PDF includes a host of flowcharts that offer IAM users "how to" guides to improve your use of Investment Account Manager.

Product Support

The best place to start looking for answers to your questions is to use Investment Account Manager's detailed help system. Select the Help Menu | Contents to display the system help. You can review the Contents tab which provides help in an online book form; or, select the Index tab and type in a word or a phrase related to your question.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question using IAM's program help files, refer to the FAQs posted on this web site. We have posted general FAQs to some of the most common questions.

If you have a technical question that you still can't seem to find an answer to after using the above suggestions, use the following "Online Help Desk Submission Form".

If you are using our 30 day trial version, we will gladly provide technical support to help answer your question. If you are using a full version of IAM, we will be happy to provide you with technical support provided you are a registered user with an active technical support agreement. Product support renewals for Investment Account Manager can be ordered online or by calling toll free: 800-247-6354.