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Transactions / Crestwood-Inergy Merger Transaction
« on: November 24, 2013, 12:25:03 PM »
The Crestwood/Inergy merger transaction is not working correctly for me.  Essentially a name change from NRGY > CEQP and from NRGM > CMLP, IAM gets the NRGY > CEQP transaction perfectly, but does not merge all of the NRGM shares to CMLP. 

Earlier in the year, NRGY spun-off the NRGM shares, which I recorded as a spin-off in IAM with a cost basis of $0.00 (as the cost basis will not be determined until the K-1s are issued next spring, I thought to go back and edit the transaction then).  Could that be the issue?  IAM will only 'merge' into CMLP the NRGM shares which have a cost basis associated with them (those purchased through reinvesting dividends).  The bulk of the NRGM shares remain in my portfolio as NRGM, even though the transaction report indicates the total number of shares have been merged.

Any thoughts?

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