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Roger, this was a temporary issue, now resolved.  Give it another go, should be all set.


Announcements / Blog Post - Mid Year Portfolio Rebalancing
« on: July 01, 2021, 10:27:50 AM »

With the calendar having just passed the midway point of 2021, now might be an ideal time to review your portfolio, and identify if any rebalancing changes may be necessary to stay consistent with your long-term goals....

Read More:

Transactions / Charles Schwab Broker Downloads
« on: June 28, 2021, 10:59:28 AM »
As of June 30th 2021, Charles Schwab will no longer allow users of IAM to automatically download brokerage activity.  Charles Schwab has adopted a new file format method for such downloads, no longer supporting the current OFX (Open Financial Exchange) method that remains utilized by most financial institutions.  As an alternative, we have developed for users of IAM that are clients of Charles Schwab a method to easily import their transactional data.  Attached to this post is a resource guide with step-by-step instructions.  These instructions are also included within the IAM online help  system.
If any add'l questions, please contact our technical support team directly:

General Discussion / Re: Entering Buy/Sell Transactions
« on: June 14, 2021, 09:29:21 AM »
When entering your buy/sell transactions, you have the check box option to 'deduct from' or 'deposit to' selected in the lower left hand corner, prior to selecting the save button.  If you uncheck this offset, no deposit or withdrawal will be recorded. 

If you have add'l questions, please contact our technical support team directly at:


General Discussion / Re: QuoteMedia prices for Cryptocurrency
« on: May 19, 2021, 09:42:35 AM »
Yes, you can add using the 'Other Investment' type, and then be sure to use the proper symbol as provided by QuoteMedia for the crypto currency you would like to track.  For example, use the symbol ~BTCUSD  for Bitcoin...

If any add'l questions, please contact our technical support team directly:

I suggest deleting that individual transfer(s), then edit the proper dates, and re-transfer.  As part of deleting the transfer, you'll be prompted to also delete the shares in the received portfolio.  If you have add'l questions, please contact our support team directly:, or give us a call: 262-241-3990.


Support / Re: Interactive Brokers
« on: March 15, 2021, 11:31:41 AM »
Interactive Brokers does not provide direct OFX transactional downloads; however, you can download from their site directly the compatible file, and use this file to import into IAM. 

If you have any add'l questions, please let us know.


General Discussion / Re: Updating 7Twelve Index ?
« on: March 15, 2021, 11:29:32 AM »
To update the 7Twelve index, use the Benchmarks Menu | Update History button.  This will update the 7Twelve for recent pricing and derive updated monthly performance returns.

If you have any add'l questions, you can contact our technical support team directly:


Transactions / Re: Transaction Download Issues with Fidelity
« on: December 08, 2020, 09:43:37 AM »
Follow-Up Note: as of 12/7, this issue has been resolved by Fidelity, and is once again allowing IAM users to download their investment account data without any access errors.

IAM Tech Support Team

Transactions / Re: Vanguard Transaction Downloads
« on: December 07, 2020, 12:39:43 PM »
Roger, Vanguard has recently changed their front door access to transactional downloads, so by using the second request, they permit access.  I am unaware of why on occasion they would not be sending transaction activity.  Please check the date range, and verify the activity is available on their site.  If any add'l questions, please contact our support team:

Transactions / Re: Transaction Download Issues with Fidelity
« on: December 07, 2020, 12:36:12 PM »
Fidelity is changing the OFX access for improved security, and this should be back up and running on 12/7 according to their tech support team.  You might verify by contacting your tech rep at Fidelity and ask them what the 'access denied' message means, why you are receiving it, and when it will be resolved.  If you learn more, please let us know.

Announcements / BLOG POST - 2020 Year-End Tax Planning Tips
« on: December 01, 2020, 07:57:23 AM »
As the close of 2020 quickly approaches, investor’s should start thinking ahead, reviewing and taking advantage of tax saving strategies. Here are three important tips that will help investor’s manage tax consequences, while helping to better manage their investment portfolio(s).

Frequently Asked Questions / Re: Multi Currency Portfolios
« on: November 30, 2020, 08:45:04 AM »
Our software does not handle multi currency at this time, something we are considering for a future release.  If any add'l questions, please let us know.


Transactions / Re: Unable to download transactions from Schwab
« on: November 11, 2020, 08:26:19 AM »
We've released an update to Investment Account Manager 3.2.2 (Individual and Professional) that provides an improved method for importing transactional files in csv format (comma separated values) from Charles Schwab brokerage.  The improved import method was required due to changes made by Charles Schwab and their decision to disable the current automated brokerage download using the OFX (Open Financial Exchange) method. 

This new method for importing transactional files will allow users to update their Schwab brokerage accounts until we are able to, as possible, get the OFX method reinstated.  We are further working with Schwab to re-write the download method to meet their new transactional download format given their decision to discontinue OFX permanently going forward, migrating to a new format standard. 

To download this latest release, start your copy of IAM3 and use the Menu Bar | Check for Updates choice.  If the choice to ‘Check for Updates’ is inactive in your copy of Investment Account Manager v3 Individual, this indicates your technical support period has expired.  If your support has expired, you can extend technical support for an additional year, by clicking here: (includes support renewal for up to 3 computers per user).  When ordering your support renewal, you will need to enter your IAMv3 user ID number as shown on the IAMv3 Help Menu | Product Support Screen.

Once you have updated to our latest v3.2.2 release, please refer to the attached document guide for steps to log into your Schwab brokerage account(s), define the transactional file for download, and then how to import into IAM using the Transactions Menu | Import Transactional File (CSV).

If any additional questions, please contact the IAM Technical Support team:

Investment Account Manager v3 Individual - Maintenance Release 3.2.2 Now Available

Use the choice 'Check For Updates' located on the IAMv3 Individual Version Menu Bar to automatically verify you are currently running the latest version of Investment Account Manager v3 Individual. You will be notified as to whether or not you have the current version. If not, you will be prompted to download the latest file.

Note: if this choice is inactive in your copy of Investment Account Manager, this indicates your support period has expired. To extend technical support for an additional year, renew thru our website Shop page:

If you have any questions, contact our technical support team:

Click here for a listing of improvements/changes/corrections included in IAMv3.2.2:

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