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Transactions / Spinoff of Baxalta Inc. from Baxter International
« on: July 13, 2015, 12:29:41 PM »
For details on the Baxter - Baxalta spinoff, see the link below...

Enter this spinoff activity under the IAM Transactions Menu | Global Transactions | Spinoff choice.

Question: I need assistance in how to record the spinoff of Tegna, Inc from Gannett, which took place at the end of June, 2015.

I had 400 shares of Gannett, with a LT cost basis of $10,738.50.  I now have 400 shares of Tegna, with a cost basis (as provided by my broker) of $8,777.85, and 200 shares of Gannett Spinco, Inc., with a cost basis of $1,960.65.  The total cost basis of the 2 companies equals the original cost basis.  No cash payments were involved.  How do I record this spin-off in IAM?

Answer:  Gannett announced in August 2014 that it planned to separate into two publicly traded companies: a broadcasting and digital company that will operate under the name TEGNA and a publishing company that will retain the name Gannett Co., Inc. Under the terms of the transaction, Gannett shareholders retained their shares of Gannett, which was renamed TEGNA, and also received one share of new Gannett for every two shares of Gannett stock they owned. New Gannett shares also begin “regular way” trading today on the NYSE under the symbol GCI.

To enter this in Investment Account Manager, follow these steps...

1. Select the Asset Library Menu | Current Asset Library
2. Select Gannett and then the Edit Tab
3. Edit the symbol to TGNA (Tegna)
4. Edit the name to Tegna Inc.
5. Save changes and close the Current Asset Library

6. Select the Transactions Menu | Global Transactions | Spin-off choice
7. Enter for date of the spin-off: 6/29/2015
8. Enter for security symbol of issuer: TGNA
9. Enter for security symbol of spin-off: GCI
10. Enter for market price of GCI on day of spin-off: $14.13
11. Enter for number of spin-off shares received for each share of the issuer held: 0.5
12. Enter for percentage of original cost basis retained by issuer's shares: 81.7418
13. Percentage of original cost basis allocated to spin-off shares: will show as 18.2582

Once the above information has been entered, IAM will list those portfolios that will be adjusted by the spin-off activity.  Use the Print button to print an audit report.  Then use the 'Select All' button to check all portfolios shown. Then select the button to 'Apply to Selected Portfolios'.

Verify all portfolios have been properly adjusted by printing the Security Basis Report.

For more information on this spin-off from the Tegna Inc. web site:

Transactions / Medtronic / Covidien Tax Inversion Acquisition
« on: February 17, 2015, 11:03:06 AM »
We've had a number of IAM users that own Medtronic shares request help with the Medtronic / Covidien Merger Acquisition.  This transaction is not a 'merger' in the normal sense, since this is a taxable event to the owners of Medtronic shares.  As the article below explains, and may be of help to our users, Medtronic shareholders need to treat this as a taxable event because Medtronic's shares will be liquidated and then replaced by new shares in the cash-and-stock-based deal.

The proper way to enter this into IAM is to first sell the Medtronic shares using the closing price of Medtronic on 01/23/2015 of $76.95.  Then purchase new shares of Medtronic using this price of $76.95 to establish the new cost basis of your Medtronic shares.

As always, verify this information by consulting with your tax advisor, and the investor relations department offered on the Medtronic website:

Announcements / Investment Account Manager Facebook Page
« on: January 22, 2015, 02:36:15 PM »
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Announcements / IAM Blog Postings
« on: January 22, 2015, 02:34:19 PM »
Visit our blog posts for timely investment articles....

We welcome blog posts from our IAM users...

Contact us:

Transactions / Kraft Reorganization
« on: February 01, 2013, 01:36:04 PM »
Follow these steps for entering the distribution of Kraft Foods Group and Mondelez International into Investment Account Manager:

1) Enter Kraft Foods Group (KRFT) spin-off
2) Merge original Kraft (KFT) into Mondelez Int’l (MDLZ)
3) Sell any fractional shares for cash in lieu amount
4) Verify your basis and shares

1) Enter Kraft Foods Group Spin-Off
a. Select IAM’s Transaction Menu | Global Transactions |Spin-off
b. Enter the transaction date: 10/02/12
c. Enter symbol of issuer: KFT
d. Enter symbol of spin-off: KRFT
e. Enter market price of spin-off symbol:$45.42
f. Enter number of spin-off shares received for each one share of issuer held: 0.333333
g. Enter percentage of cost basis retained by issuer (KFT): 64.91%
h. Enter percentage of cost basis assigned to Spin-off (KRFT): 35.09%
i. Select all portfolios for spin-off
j. Apply to all portfolios

2) Merge old Kraft (KFT) into new Mondelez Int’l (MDLZ)
a. Select Transactions Menu | Global Transactions| Merger
b. Enter date of merger: 10/02/2012
c. Enter exchanged from security symbol: KFT
d. Enter market price KFT: $41.35
e. Enter merger into security symbol: MDLZ
f. Enter market price MDLZ: $28.00
g. Enter number of MDLZ shares received for each share of KFT held: 1.0
h. Select all portfolios for merger.
i. Apply to all portfolios

3) Sell any fractional shares using IAM Sale transaction type for the cash-in-lieu dollar amount.

4) Verify results by printing the IAM Security Basis Report.

Transactions / IAM Transaction Tools
« on: November 19, 2012, 02:49:12 PM »
For some investors, organizing investment records for use in preparing income taxes can be an anxiety-ridden nightmare. All those trade confirms to deal with, the income checks, figuring out gains and losses, performance - where to start! Luckily, the Investment Account Manager dramatically improves your portfolio management and investment record keeping, making income tax filing a breeze. Once organized, you'll have the tax records and information in place to make smarter decisions.

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