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Transactions / correction of 401(k) over-witholding
« on: November 05, 2017, 10:10:10 AM »
My 401(k) provider exceeded the cap on my annual contributions.  To correct this, they issued a “negative adjustment” for the amount of the overage.  However, the number of shares removed is at a share price that is different than the price at which the shares were originally purchased.  Therefore, I cannot just modify the original transaction for a purchase of fewer shares, because it will result in a different number of total shares than what is actually in the account, producing a tracking error.  I think that a separate, additional transaction is needed, similar to a sale, but non-taxable.  A Return of Capital does not seem to adjust the share count.

Is this the right approach?  If so, what type of transaction can I use to deduct shares from the account at a specified price, like a sale but non-taxable?

Transactions / IRA rollover into 401(k)
« on: August 08, 2017, 10:02:20 PM »
I use IAM to track, among other investments, my 401(k) and traditional IRA as separate portfolios.  I recently decided to rollover the IRA holdings into the 401(k). 

What is the best way to account for this tax-deferred rollover in IAM?  I could simply enter a "sell" transaction in the IRA portfolio and a "purchase" transaction in the 401(k) portfolio, but this would recognize the gain as "realized" for the year (i.e. no recognition of tax-deferred status).  I considered a Tender/Exchange, but it seems you can only do this within the same portfolio but not between separate portfolios.



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