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I had initially been able to download my transactions from both of these brokers, with no problem, up until August 26th.  However when I tried to update this month, I was not able to do so on either my Schwab accounts or Fidelity accounts.  After having a lot of trouble with Schwab, finally I was able to get 2 of my accounts to update after trying repeatedly, then this morning the last one finally updated.  I kept getting this error message "an error occurred" during the update, or "PIN lockout" or something like that.  With Fidelity, I know the program is able to log into my account because I once removed the account number and it was able to repopulate the number.  It will say "download complete" but no transactions are downloaded, despite the fact there are probably 20 transactions at least.  I changed my passwords for both brokerages and also on IAM.  I checked the firewall log, and Bitdefender is not blocking it.  I turned the firewall off and got the same results.  I'm running version 3.0.7 on Windows 10.

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