Most investors understand the benefits of portfolio allocation analysis and diversification.  Like the old adage "don't keep all your eggs in one basket", long-term investing success is often achieved by setting and maintaining a proper mix of asset allocations.  With this in mind, IAMv3 Individual includes two levels of allocation analysis for investors to properly monitor their investments.

In level 1, this view of portfolio allocation and rebalancing does not use fund proportional compositions by percent of class, sector and size when deriving current allocations.  Rather, this view is a more general view of asset allocation analysis, where the entire market value of a portfolio holding is properly grouped by asset type.

In level 2, much like Morningstar’s X-Ray analysis, portfolio allocations will use additionally the proportional compositions of any funds held in your portfolio when Investment Account Manager derives asset, sector and size allocation percentages. This means each fund's proportional impact will be included along with any individual holdings when deriving the allocation analysis of your portfolio.

Users can view these allocations on the IAMv3 Home Page | Allocations tab.
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