I have created a portfolio and chose to add the money market fund later.  However, I can not find any way to do this.  If I simply make a purchase of a money market fund it does not add a running balance to the display of purchases and does not reflect that the fund is treated as a settlement fund.  How do I add this, or is it necessary to start over in defining a portfolio.

When adding a money market balance to a portfolio that has already been added to IAM, select the Transactions Menu | Add, edit, delete transactions.  This will show the transactions ledger.

Enter the information for the initial deposit (use a reconciled amount that ties back to your portfolio balances).

Be certain that you have classified the mmf as a cash/mmf asset type  - this can be checked in the Asset Library | Current Asset Library.

to use the mmf as the offset for other portfolio activity, be sure that is is selected (checked) at the bottom of the transactions ledger.