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Unable to download transactions from Schwab
« on: October 22, 2020, 07:34:57 AM »
Have been unable to download transactions from Schwab for a number of days now.  I reached out to Schwab and following is the representative's response:

"As of October 16th, the subscriptions allowing these applications to pull from Schwab have expired. In order for these applications to re-subscribe, their Development Departs will need to contact Schwab at 800-433-9196.
Jessica Kreitner
Schwab eServices Representative

Are any other users having this same issue with inability to download from Schwab?  If Ms. Kreitner's information is accurate, has an application to re-subscribe been submitted by IAM?

Re: Unable to download transactions from Schwab
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2020, 08:47:31 AM »
The answer you received from Schwab is not quite accurate...

Seems Schwab is no longer providing to 3rd party vendors (such as ourselves) the prior download format OFX (open financial exchange) to allow you to download your activity.  They discontinued on Oct 16th...outside of our control, without any warnings for our shared customers (such as you).   So as of now, the current method you have used will no longer work. 

We are in contact with Schwab and have submitted the necessary registration for approval to a new API connection, and are waiting for Schwab to approve.  Hopefully this will be quick action on their end.  Meanwhile, we are developing a workaround for importing a csv file defaulted to the Schwab format as provided on their web site.  Both changes, as available, will be included in our next IAM3 Individual update, 3.2.2. Stay tuned... Matt

Re: Unable to download transactions from Schwab
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2020, 08:26:19 AM »
We've released an update to Investment Account Manager 3.2.2 (Individual and Professional) that provides an improved method for importing transactional files in csv format (comma separated values) from Charles Schwab brokerage.  The improved import method was required due to changes made by Charles Schwab and their decision to disable the current automated brokerage download using the OFX (Open Financial Exchange) method. 

This new method for importing transactional files will allow users to update their Schwab brokerage accounts until we are able to, as possible, get the OFX method reinstated.  We are further working with Schwab to re-write the download method to meet their new transactional download format given their decision to discontinue OFX permanently going forward, migrating to a new format standard. 

To download this latest release, start your copy of IAM3 and use the Menu Bar | Check for Updates choice.  If the choice to ‘Check for Updates’ is inactive in your copy of Investment Account Manager v3 Individual, this indicates your technical support period has expired.  If your support has expired, you can extend technical support for an additional year, by clicking here: https://www.investmentaccountmanager.com/products/product-category/support-individual/ (includes support renewal for up to 3 computers per user).  When ordering your support renewal, you will need to enter your IAMv3 user ID number as shown on the IAMv3 Help Menu | Product Support Screen.

Once you have updated to our latest v3.2.2 release, please refer to the attached document guide for steps to log into your Schwab brokerage account(s), define the transactional file for download, and then how to import into IAM using the Transactions Menu | Import Transactional File (CSV).

If any additional questions, please contact the IAM Technical Support team: techsupport@investmentaccountmanager.com

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