database file(s) location
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Any chance of giving the user the option to define where the IAM database is located, rather than having it default to C:\Investment Account Manager 3 Individual(or C:\Program Files\Inv...)?

There are several reasons individual users would choose to locate the database file somewhere besides the C:\ drive.  I prefer to use an encrypted file container for all my financial, legal, medical, etc data - the thinking is that if a bad guy ever gained access to my PC, said bad guy would only be able to access said sensitive data if he/she could defeat the near-military grade encryption provided by a program such as Windows Bitlocker, TrueCrypt, Veracrypt, etc. 

It appears IAM stores the database files at C:\Investment Account Manager 3 Individual\Data.  The database can include things such as the account number for individual portfolios and/or passwords to online accounts for transaction downloads, and the data files do provide a picture of my various accounts and wealth if someone was ever to access them.  I'd like to have more than the built-in encryption IAM uses for these items.  All this could be accomplished if I could define the database location so I could include it in the encrypted file container,  I recognize IAM provides an option to move the backup files off the C:\ drive but I can't see how to change the database location.
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Re: database file(s) location
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We don't currently offer that option of moving the IAM database files separate from your installation location.  However, you might try installing IAM on a removable drive as an option to address your concerns.  If any add'l questions, please contact our support team @