Fundamental Analysis Tools Investment Account Manager
« on: August 09, 2018, 02:57:00 PM »
Fundamental ratio analysis is an investment approach that focuses on specific relationships, or ratios, of the financial data of a company.  This method offers a "snap shot" of a company's value, where the analysis is a review of a firm's financial report.

Recognizing the importance of these relationships and ratios, the Investment Account Manager provides the investor with a comprehensive set of variables that can be used to derive informative ratios that may be helpful in discovering undervalued securities.

When using IAM with QuoteMedia, the required fundamental data can be automatically downloaded.  If not, this fundamental data can also be manually entered into IAM.  Regardless, prior to using the valuation ratios provided by Investment Account Manager, you'll want to be certain you've updated your Current Asset Library asset library to reflect up to date data.  Once the fundamental data has been entered, users can review the various fundamental ratios provided by Investment Account Manager (see image below).