Understanding IAM's Current Asset Libary
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IAM's Current Asset Library
As you create and add transactions to portfolios, Investment Account Manager automatically populates the Current Asset Library database. This asset library is utilized by the program to store shared asset-descriptive information, such as name, type, current market price, dividend rate per share, etc. If multiple portfolios own the same asset, the asset-descriptive information is readily available, and other portfolios can then share this information, eliminating keystroke redundancy.

The Current Asset Library stores the most recent asset information that is shared globally by portfolios. This current data is used for deriving values, reports, etc. on current reports (versus historical reporting). The Current Asset List Tab displays (in table format) all the securities currently included in the Investment Account Manager current asset library.

To manually edit or update a security, simply left double-click on that security in the grid. This facilitates name changes, symbol changes, fundamental data updates, etc.

The table can be resorted on a specific column.
Point your mouse to any column heading, the appearance of your mouse will change to a "downward pointing arrow". By left double-clicking your mouse on the column header (or moved by using a single left-click of the mouse and then dragging the column to a new location) you can change the sort order of the table. For example, left double-click on the yield column which will position this as the left hand column. Sort the Current Asset List in either Ascending or Descending order by selecting the appropriate radial dial. The list will be resorted, based on the far-left column field, in either ascending or descending order.

You can filter the Master Asset Library to show all securities in the current asset library, or filter by specific portfolio by clicking the drop down arrow to the right of the filter box, selecting the portfolio, and then selecting the Go! Button.

Use the Default Settings button to restore the asset library table to pre-defined column widths and order.

Print Library: use this button to print a list of assets in the current asset library.

Internet Research: immediately access the Internet for free stock research and news. You can find fundamental variables, recent quotes, industry classifications, company news, technical analysis and much more for the currently selected security.

Delete Not Held: The Delete Not Held Assets feature will "clean-up" your Current Asset List. This feature scans the system, showing those assets without any Current Position records, in any of your portfolios. These assets can then be marked as necessary for deletion. Tip: even though an asset is removed from the Current Asset List, portfolio transaction records (sale, income, original, etc.) recorded in individual portfolio(s) are retained in the portfolio(s). These records are maintained for proper reporting. Deleting from the Master will not affect historical portfolio transaction records.
Add: use this button to add securities to the current asset library. You can use this feature to add securities to the list which are not held in any of your portfolios.