Global Transactions - Investment Account Manager allows for easy and accurate posting of global transactions. These include:

Global Transactions:
    Global Income - Apply a declared cash dividend to all portfolios holding the stock
    Global Spin-off - Company ABC issues shares in Company EFG
    Global Stock Dividend Distributions - 10% stock dividend is declared resulting in   additional shares
    Global Stock Split - 2:1 stock split
    Global Merger- Company 123 is taken-over by Company 456

IAMís global transactions adjusts any or all portfolios within the program to reflect the global activity.  For instance, if you hold XYZ stock in several portfolios, and XYZ declares a 2:1 stock split, Investment Account Manager will automatically adjust each portfolio to reflect the stock split. Specifically, each lot of the security will be adjusted appropriately, maintaining tax-lot integrity.

To access IAMís Global Transactions function, select Transactions Menu Global | Transactions Activities.

When completing the various windows, it is required to complete each of the yellow shaded dialogue boxes.  If you do not have the required information at hand, it will be available on the issuing companyís website under Investors Information.