IAM's User Preference Settings
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Investment Account Manager’s User Preferences

Preferences Backup Data Settings:

    Allows user to set Prompt for Backup Reminder: after every session, after every other session, or after every five sessions.

    Automatic Backup: use this setting to run the backup process as you exit Investment Account Manager. The backup process will be performed to your desired destination folder. If you have set the destination to a removable media source, be certain the required media is in place for the backup process.

    Tax Lot Settings: when creating Investment Account Manager backups, individual tax lots for each portfolio are also saved as unique files under the directory you create your IAM backup files.  These tax lot files will be located under the backup folder \ IAM_TaxLots_date.  Users can set a preference for these files: Save Tax Lots to CSV files,
Save Tax Lots to Excel files or Do not save tax lots during backup

Preferences Data Provider Settings:

    Investment Account Manager includes an optional data feed to access QuoteMedia®. This optional service helps to complete descriptive information for stocks as they are added to Investment Account Manager. This includes access to fundamental stock data such as dividends per share, earnings per share, stock sector, stock size, etc. for common stocks.

Preferences Home Page Settings:

    Update market prices each time the home page is refreshed.

    Prompt before updating prices from home page.

    Check for updates when Investment Account Manager starts.

    Performance Index to show on the Home Page.

    Bypass Price Alerts on Startup.

    Prompt to update current prices with more recent historic prices.

    Prompt to create historical prices when updating current prices.

    Disable Portfolio 'Year to Date' Performance Calculation.

    Automatically update current prices with prices from broker files.

    Run IAM in maximized screen view: this option will start Investment Account Manager in full screen mode.  The default startup screen size is 80%.

Preferences Report Settings:

    Report Disclaimer: use this setting to enter a report disclaimer to be used globally for all reports. The disclaimer serves the important purpose of reminding users of the practical limitations of the program and we recommend you include a disclaimer. Note: if you are using the noncommercial-user version of Investment Account Manager, this disclaimer is inactive and can't be changed.

    Report Heading: use this setting to enter a report heading to be used as a global default for all reports. Note: You can override the global setting prior to printing any individual report.

    Preview Magnification: use this setting to set a global page preview magnification level. Settings range from whole page up to 150%. Note: You can adjust the magnification setting each time you preview any individual report.

    Report Margin Setup: use this setting to globally set the report margins for report printing. The following margin settings are used as defaults:
Top: 0.50 Bottom: 0.25 Left: 0.25 Right: 0.25

    Sort Default: The sort feature enables you to quickly arrange the list of assets currently in the system. You can set the default sort order globally to: most recent use, symbol, name, or type.

    Fiscal Year Ends in the Month: use this setting to globally set the reporting periods for a fiscal year-end other than December.

    Set Session Date: use this setting to change the session date. This date will be the date defaulted into date entry screens, and printed on all reports.

    Include printer Setup: use this option to be prompted with the printer setup dialogue form prior to printing reports. You'll be able to select a specific printer, quality preferences, and other printer options.

    Show negative values in red: select this option to show negative values, such as losses, in red on reports.

    Appraisal Report Quantity: select a default for how many decimals to show for quantity on Investment Account Manager's Appraisal Report either whole numbers, 3 decimal places or 5 decimal places.

    Basis Report Quantity: select a default for how many decimals to show for quantity on Investment Account Manager's Security Basis either whole numbers, 3 decimal places or 5 decimal places.

    Maximum rate to check for high IRR's: use this option to set the maximum rate for the Internal Rate of Return iteration process.  The default rate is typically good for most investment activity, but in some cases, lowering this maximum rate can improve the speed of the IRR calculation.