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User Tip: Using Price Alerts in IAMv3

The Price Alert feature found in Investment Account Manager (Asset Library Menu | Price Alerts) will allow you to enter target prices for the securities you currently own or are tracking within a watch list.  As part of the automatic price updating feature, you'll be automatically notified once a target price has been reached for one or more issues. Those securities that have exceeded their high alert limit will be shown in green; those securities that have fallen below their low alert limit will be shown in red.  Simply click on the tab labeled 'Security Search' to locate the portfolio(s) that hold the selected issue with the price alert.

The strategy behind your price alerts depends on your objective. You can use Investment Account Manager's price alerts to set your potential high price and potential low price ranges for your securities, in effect setting up your price zone. In this case, you might consider selling a security if the market price reaches the high target, and buying a security if the market price reaches the low target. 

Another strategy might be to set all price alerts at a given percentage value above or below the current market prices. This approach works well if you would like to see which of your securities reach their targets before others, while also helping you manage gains and losses. For example, users can quickly set all price alerts using a range- i.e., 5% above and 10% below each security's current market price.

The price alerts feature in IAM3 Individual is a useful tool to better help you better manage your current holdings, as well as your watch-list candidates.  We encourage you to use this feature, and if you have any questions, please contact our technical support team:
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