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User Tip: Watch lists to Improve Decision Making with Investment Account Manager 3 Individual
Using 'watch lists' help investors better manage their portfolios by providing alternative investment ideas to use when building or modifying existing portfolios.  A 'watch list' is a grouping of securities in a portfolio that have something in common.  For instance, you might have a watch list for your IRA portfolio, another for your taxable portfolio.  Watch lists can also be effectively grouped by types of securities: i.e., by sector such as Energy stocks, by factor such as Growth stocks, etc.  Investment Account Manager allows for an unlimited number of watch list portfolios that you can maintain with alternative investment ideas.
Creating a watch list portfolio in IAM is easy.  Select the Tool Bar | Portfolio Setup Wizard | enter a name | and use the radio button to  'Use quick setup form to manually enter positions'.  Typically, the current date, a quantity of '1' and the current share price is used for populating your watch list.  This will allow you to easily track the performance of the security since its inclusion to the watch list.  Once you've finished the quick setup, you'll have your newly created 'watch list' portfolio available for tracking within IAM3 Individual!

Watch lists also offer very effective “what-if” testing.  For example, users can gauge diversification and allocation impact of additions to an existing portfolio before actually purchasing new securities. This can be easily accomplished by combining a  'watch list' with any existing portfolio(s) on any of the IAM3 reports (using the “Portfolio to include” option on the report setup form).

We encourage you to experiment with watch lists to improve your portfolio management process.  If you have any additional questions on using watch lists in IAM3 Individual, please contact our technical support team:

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