Using IAM's Batch Reporting Feature
« on: April 09, 2019, 09:57:38 AM »
Batch Reporting

The Batch Reporting feature allows users to produce a series of reports for a selected list of portfolios. For instance, users can customize batch reporting by using the various Report Setup Options to print a series of reports at the end of each month, each quarter or year.
Select Reports Menu, then Batch Reports.

Users can define which portfolios to include, and which reports, for specific time periods.
Report Period: depending on the selected report, users can select the reporting period for the batch reporting process.  This includes All Dates, Predefined Date Ranges, Custom Date Ranges, or As of Date. 

   Start Date: starting date range for selected report period.
   End Date: ending date range for selected reporting period.

This feature can be a true time saver when a user has multiple portfolios (accounts), and is producing the same printed report for each.