Using the QuoteMedia Data Feed with IAM3 Individual
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The QuoteMedia data feed when used with Investment Account Manager 3 Individual provides for much quicker daily market pricing, automatic fundamental analysis, and mutual fund/exchange traded fund compositional data.

QuoteMedia™ offers users the ability to automatically populate and update the fundamental and descriptive data for common stocks. This data, when incorporated into Investment Account Manager, provides the information for powerful fundamental ratio analysis, screening, and asset allocation analysis. Fundamental ratio analysis offers a "snap shot" of a company's value, where the analysis is a review of a firm's financial report.

The QuoteMedia data feed also provides the ability to automatically populate the fund allocation percentages for asset type for mutual funds and exchange traded funds.  These allocation percentages are used in allocation reports to include the portfolio compositions of any funds (mutual funds and exchange traded funds) held in your portfolio when IAM3 Individual derives asset allocation percentages. This means each fund's proportional impact (amount invested in cash, bonds and stocks, by sector, by size) will be included along with any individual holdings of each asset type held outside of your funds, providing a total allocation analysis of your portfolio.

Provided on our website are several video tutorials that demonstrate the use of QuoteMedia with Investment Account Manager:

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