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Historical Prices: the Historic Asset Library stores the historical security data, separated by date. This database is a compilation of the date entries you create, each storing pricing and other data for that specific date. These dates then become available for use on the IAM reports when selecting a time frame for the report. Reports can be generated 'as of' a specific historical date and can be created for a 'from-to' historical period of time. This essentially allows users to re-create their portfolios as of any moment in time and to accurately track performance.

Columns can be sorted by left double-clicking a column header, or moved by using a single left-click of the mouse and then dragging the column to a new location. The Look For window allows users to search for a specific item in the left-hand column.

Historical Prices are used for performance measurement as well as for re-creating portfolios as of any moment in time. For instance, if you want to understand the performance of one of your portfolios for a given year, then security prices as of 12/31/previous_ year_end must be known, as well as the security prices at the end of the year (i.e., 12/31/end_year). This is because the date range is deriving return for all the changes that occurred within the time frame.

Historical prices also allow you to go back and review your previous portfolio — i.e., as of previous date. IAM will back out all subsequent data and use the historic price file to reproduce your portfolio.

If securities are added to IAM after a particular date has been created, simply use the update prices button to add that info to the date.