The Home Page for Investment Account Manager displays a summary of information for the currently open portfolio. It can be thought of as the program's dashboard.

Provided are important summaries and commonly used tools:

Menu Bar: The Menu Bar provides access to IAM menus for selecting features. Functions for creating portfolios, adding transactions, generating reports, updating data and more are found throughout the menu choices.   These are drop-down type menus.

Tool Bar: Investment Account Manager includes a tool bar that provides quick access to some of Investment Account Manager's more common features. These include downloading activity from your broker, updating market prices, refreshing the home page data, performing a backup of existing data and quick access to Yahoo! Finance.

Portfolios: This section shows the listing of the portfolios within IAM. The currently open portfolio is shown w/ a check mark. You can easily switch between portfolios by placing your mouse pointer over a portfolio name, and then using a left-double click to select.

Tabs: as part of the Investment Account Manager home page views, you will notice several tabs that can be selected to review specific information. These tabs provide convenient way to view various portfolio information:

Portfolio Summary Tab:

Positions Tab:

Tranactions Tab:

Allocations Tab:

Income Received Tab:

Realized Gain or Loss Tab:

Performance Tab:

Est. Income Tab:

Fundamentals Tab:

All Portfolios Tab: