Having the ability to monitor your portfolio holdings online is easy to accomplish with IAM and Yahoo Finance. Simply follow these steps.

Users will need to decide: Do I want my actual share values (lot by lot) uploaded, or simply the security names without actual values.

Both methods provide meaningful results available for review by cell phone, tablet, etc. after installing the Yahoo! Finance free application on your device.

To Import your Investment Account Manager portfolio, simply follow these steps:
  1. Open IAM and select the portfolio from the portfolios list.

  2. Select File Menu | Export | Yahoo Portfolio Data.

  3. Select your preference: Tax lots (actual portfolio) or One Share of Each Asset.

  4. Investment Account Manager will create and save the file to use with Yahoo! Finance. Note the location of the file so you can find it.

  5. When complete, close the open windows and minimize Investment Account Manager.

Steps to complete in Yahoo
  1. Log-into Yahoo (http://www.yahoo.com) or download and install the Smartphone app to your device.

  2. Either sign-in or sign-up for a new account.

  3. After logging into your account, select Finance from the left panel on Yahoo's Home Page. This will take you to Yahoo Finance home page (http://finance.yahoo.com).

  4. Click on "My Portfolio" in the Menu Bar and then Create Portfolio.

  5. Look for "Import". Click on "Import".

  6. In the Import window click on "Choose File". Find the file, then double-click on it to select it for import to Yahoo!, and Submit button. After the page refreshes, you will have uploaded your portfolio to Yahoo!

  7. The final step is to rename your portfolio on Yahoo!'s website: Click on "Settings" then Rename.

That's it... you now can monitor your portfolio from anywhere in the world!