Leaky Pipes & Under-Performing Stocks

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Portfolio Rebalancing

Spring Offers a Perfect Time for This Important Portfolio Management Task

Just as green-thumb hobbyists are busy this Spring prepping their flower and vegetable gardens for the upcoming growing season, (cleaning out last years’ waste, adding fertilizer and weed preventatives to their soil, and making sure there is proper water drainage, among other tasks), investors too might find Spring an ideal time to review their portfolio holdings and make necessary rebalancing changes for long term goals.  This article will review the importance of rebalancing and how to accomplish this crucial portfolio management task.

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Building a Better Balanced Portfolio

Craig L. Israelsen, Ph.D.
April 2017

It’s time for a better “balanced” portfolio.  Way back when, there were two dominant investment categories (or asset classes), namely US stock and US bonds.  These two assets became the mainstay ingredients in balanced mutual funds, with the typical ratio being a 60% allocation to large US stocks and a 40% allocation to bonds. 

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