Managing your Investment Portfolio(s) ‘Roster’


With the NFL 2023 season nearly underway, here’s an approach for using Investment Account Manager to manage your investment portfolio much like the general manager of an NFL team manages their team roster. Considering the holdings in your investment portfolio as your ‘roster’ may help you to identify the role of each holding within your portfolio.

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IAM with Volatile Markets


Whether you have many different investments, or just a few, volatile markets remind us of the importance of tracking investments accurately. Up-to-date information is essential. One of the foundations of successful portfolio management requires a thorough knowledge of what you own, and why you own what you do. This understanding brings peace of mind to the well-informed investor and helps the investor to make sound decisions based on facts, and not on emotion.

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Managing Risk for Effective Portfolio Management

One of the basic premises of investing is that investors attempt to maximize the returns from their investments.  In doing so, it is assumed that investors are risk averse, that is, given a choice between two assets of equal rate of return, an investor will select the asset with the lower level of risk.  Although this relationship does not imply that all investors are risk averse, it does mean that there is a positive relationship between expected return and expected risk.  So how do we define risk? Continue reading Managing Risk for Effective Portfolio Management

Reviewing your Investment Objectives for 2023

The onset of a new year represents an ideal occasion for investors to take the important time to review the objectives of their investment portfolio(s). Investment objectives focus on the accepted risk-return tradeoff between the expected return investors want (return requirements), and how much risk they are willing to assume (risk tolerance). Moreover, this then determines the asset allocation (cash, fixed income, stocks, other), portfolio diversification, income generation, risk and tax positioning.

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