The Cost of Investing

The cost of investing is a crucial component of overall portfolio performance. Informed investors must understand the impact of investment fees and expenses, since the cumulative impact of these fees and expenses can be substantial. This is especially true with an ever growing universe of investment options, and the various levels of account management services, all having their costs. So, while most investors regularly monitor investment holdings, investment costs must likewise be reviewed.

Examples of types of investment expenses include: plan administration charges, investment advisory fees, commission fees, wrap fees, mutual fund load fees, custodial fees, etc. There are also the costs of accounting and tax reporting. Investment related taxes also reduce the net amount recognized by the investor. Fees on top of expenses… everybody has a hand in the investor’s pocket.

One way to take charge of investment expenses to become more informed and self-reliant. More than ever, investors have wide access to information, education, tools and advice. Investment Account Manager provides a software solution to help you take control.

Investment Account Manager provides many reports – your values, gains/losses, income, performance, fees and expenses, asset allocation, and more. So whether you are a self-reliant investor, or are being guided by others, IAM will definitely help you to better understand your investments. We are convinced that more you know about your investments, the better you will do.

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