Unified Investment Account Management



Unified investment account management is extraordinarily important in order to achieve investment success.




It allows answers to critical questions, such as:

  • Are your investment accounts constructed to meet your personal risk and return profile, both individually and collectively?
  • When reviewing your investment accounts, do you review your accounts both specifically and collectively?
  • When rebalancing portfolios, do you realign your portfolios in a manner that optimizes your overall performance, while minimizing your overall risk?
  • Are investment tax decisions made in a dynamic manner so as to minimize investment taxes both specifically and collectively?

Investors commonly have multiple investment accounts.  For instance, IRAs, taxable, spousal, and educational portfolios are frequently held as separate accounts by the same owners.  Good portfolio management requires identifying the investment strategy for each investment account.  Decisions regarding market trading, passive investing, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis are but a few of the considerations.  Asset allocation must also be identified – i.e., what percentage should each account hold in cash, bonds, stocks, funds, options, real estate, and other investment alternatives.  When allocations become skewed, what tactical rebalancing decisions are needed based on changing market conditions?  If all investments are not considered on a collective basis, investment mistakes and unnecessary taxes are inevitable.

Investment Account Manager portfolio tracking software provides the tools needed to collectively manage your investment accounts, while considering the many variables affecting the portfolio management process.