Managing Concentrated Investment Position(s)



With the runup of stock market prices over the past several years, investors might find one or more of their investment holdings have appreciated considerably in value, now representing a disproportionate percentage by market value. With this in mind, it is important for investors to pay attention to these concentrated investment position(s), an important investment concept that often is over-looked for proper portfolio management.

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Family Investment Companies Are Fantastic!


There are many benefits associated with limited liability companies (LLCs).  And the secret is out — LLCs are becoming the entity of choice for many new businesses.  LLCs offer a high degree of customization and flexibility, and a new popular strategy is using LLCs to serve as the registered owner of an investment portfolio, referred to in this article as a “family investment company”.

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How to Get Rich


So, I got your attention!

How would you do it? Buy gold, Bitcoin, NFTs, a lottery ticket?  Might work, but a slow and steady approach has a better chance of success. And what sort of financially rich – rich enough to not worry about money, or rich enough to sail the world? Either way, here are a few tips that will help you reach your goal.


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Starting 2021 With Proper Investment Objectives


The onset of a new year represents an ideal occasion for investors to take the important time to review the investment objectives of their investment portfolio(s).  Investment objectives focus on the accepted risk-return tradeoff between the expected return investors want (return requirements), and how much risk they are willing to assume (risk tolerance).  This then determines the asset allocation (cash, fixed income, stocks, other), portfolio diversification, income generation, risk and tax positioning.

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Warren Buffett Investing Tips


Long time readers know that I am a huge fan of Warren Buffett. I have made the pilgrimage to Omaha three times for the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting, and I am always impressed with the practical wisdom shared by “The Oracle from Omaha.” Here are some of my favorite Warren Buffett investing tips you can use when planning your investments. – by Eric Rosenberg, Personal Profitability, a personal finance and entrepreneurship blog and podcast.


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