If you have a question that is not covered in this brief FAQ list, and/or are unable to find the answer within IAM's help system while using the software, please submit your question to the Investment Account Manager's technical support team.

Q: What sort of asset types can be managed using Investment Account Manager?

As a comprehensive portfolio management software program, Investment Account Manager offers investment tracking features for a variety of asset types: cash, money market funds, US Governments, agencies, tax-exempt bonds, corporate bonds, preferred stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, common stocks, options, and other investments. In the case of options, IAM is able to handle: opening buy, closing sale, opening sale, closing buy, assigned, exercised, and expired transactions.

Q: Does Investment Account Manager allow for multiple portfolio management?

Yes. Investment Account Manager is specifically designed to easily track an unlimited number of portfolios. If you have different types of portfolios: i.e. taxable accounts, IRAs, trust accounts, children accounts, etc., IAM will maintain a distinct portfolio for each account you own. You can collectively report on any/all portfolios using the IAM's report setup features.

Q: What sort of reporting tools are provided by Investment Account Manager?

Investment Account Manager includes more than 50 informative and detailed reports summarizing your investments: current holdings, unrealized gains/losses, sold positions & realized gains/losses (tax filing), income received (tax filing), capital gain distributions, commissions paid, portfolio allocations, portfolio cash flow projections, tax basis, performance measurements, asset maturity schedule, transactions ledger, and more. View a PDF file of a few of the comprehensive reports provided by IAM.

Q: Does Investment Account Manager accurately derive investment performance?

Investment Account Manager calculates the modified IRR method to derive the internal rate of return for investment performance. This method calculates return for the period taking into effect the exact timing of each external cash flow. The model properly weights the timing of cash flows (additions/ withdrawals) for a portfolio or an individual asset, for a selected date range, to provide the return calculation. [CFA Institute Handbook Second Edition 2006]. Investment Account Manager also allows users to store monthly, quarterly or annual IRR results of portfolios, and then link these returns for any sequential period for time weighting of sub-period IRR results.

Q: Does Investment Account Manager include any tutorial data to learn the program?

Investment Account Manager is provided with sample data and program tutorials. By carefully reviewing the tutorials, you will understand how the program is intended to operate, while quickly learning how to utilize the program for your specific needs. All features in Investment Account Manager include detailed help and guidance. Features not covered in these tutorials can be quickly learned using the available online help. Free technical support is also provided while using IAM during your trial period. One year of technical support is also included when purchasing the IAM software activation key.

Q: Can I download financial transactions from online financial institutions into Investment Account Manager?

Investment Account Manager is able to download transaction data from 50+ leading financial institutions, including: Charles Schwab, E*Trade, Fidelity Investments, Scottrade, TD Ameritrade, Vanguard, Wells Fargo, and many more. Users can view the available list of financial institutions when creating a portfolio by selecting the dropdown for Financial Institution and scrolling the list of available choices. Additionally, IAM can also import any standard OFX (Open Financial Exchange) data file. If your financial institution is not listed, but you are able to download an OFX file directly from their web site, this file can be imported into IAM for transaction posting. Downloadable OFX files are often listed as Quicken QFX, and these too will work.

Q: Is Investment Account Manager compatable on a Mac?

Yes. We have many users that use Investment Account Manager on a Mac using one of several Windows emulation software tools, such as Crossover, Parallels or VMware.

Q: What are the benefits of renewing Investment Account Manager 3 Individual technical support with the optional QuoteMedia™ data feed?

IAM3 Individual with QuoteMedia™ offers users the ability to automatically update market prices and to also populate the fundamental and descriptive data for common stocks, exchange traded and mutual funds. This data provides the information for powerful fundamental ratio analysis and screening. Note: IAM3 Individual also includes free Internet pricing as available, and all fundamental and descriptive data can be entered manually by users if IAM3 Individual technical support is renewed without the QuoteMedia™ data feed.

Q: Is technical support included with the Investment Account Manager?

Yes. The developers of Investment Account Manager are pleased to offer detailed and comprehensive help to our users. A full year of technical support and access to new program updates is included with the IAM software activation key.

Q: What are the system requirements?

Windows 7 or higher with Internet Access. If Apple Mac computer, requires Windows emulation software.

Q: What is the current version?

You can view the details of the current release as well as all previous releases on the maintenance releases page.